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Rapid Water Damage Emergency Response Time


Northwood is a community located in Irvine, California’s northern portion. Here is some information about it: Location: It lies at the north edge of Irvine near Culver Drive to its east, Portola Parkway to its north, and Jeffrey Road on its southern border2. Learn more

This neighborhood is conveniently situated near major transportation routes, making accessing other parts of Orange County and beyond easier.

Northwood is a longstanding community that offers various residential options, from medium-sized single-family homes and townhomes1 to medium-sized single-family homes and large single-family homes.

Northwood features an eclectic array of architectural styles and designs, providing residents with a variety of housing options.

History: Northwood was initially part of Irvine Ranch; parcels of land were granted as bonuses or gifts to employees as bonuses and gifts2.

. In the late 1970s, one developer organized 18 parcels of land into an area called Northwood and constructed numerous models within each tract, contributing to its growth and development2.

Northwood real estate primarily comprises mid-sized to large single-family homes and townhomes with average home values averaging around $1.2 million; offering plenty of housing options that cater to various family sizes and preferences.

Population: While Northwood does not provide specific population data, the neighborhood forms part of Irvine which had an estimated population of 287,401 as of 20206.

Northwood is an appealing location for families due to its family-oriented atmosphere, top schools and well-kept parks.

Parks: Northwood features several parks for residents to enjoy recreationally. Some of the popular park spots in Northwood include Blue Gum Park, Brywood Park, Carrotwood Park, Coralwood Park Meadowood Park Northwood Community Park Pepperwood Park Pinewood Park Settlers Park Silkwood Park Sycamore Park 2.

These parks feature amenities like playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas and walking trails that enable residents to engage with nature while engaging in outdoor activities.

Northwood provides residents with a well-established community offering diverse housing options and access to amenities such as parks and recreational facilities. As part of Irvine, known for its family-friendly environment with excellent schools and an efficient infrastructure system, living here remains desirable in California. Northwood remains an attractive place to call home in Irvine today with its convenient location and various housing choices making it a desirable place for living. Next article

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