Rapid Water Damage Emergency Response Time

Rapid Water Damage Emergency Response Time

East Irvine

East Irvine is a neighborhood located in Irvine, California. Here is some information about East Irvine: LOCATION: East Irvine can be found within Irvine city in Orange County of California2

East Irvine is part of Los Angeles metropolitan area and was initially an agricultural town known simply as Irvine where the railroad station and post office existed. When the Irvine Company developed plans for a new city surrounding University of California Irvine, East Irvine2 became its new name. Learn More

Planned Community: Irvine is renowned for its well-planned layout and amenities. The city was designed to include industrial, residential and recreational zones as well as commercial centers and greenbelts2

The Irvine Company initially envisaged creating a community that could accommodate 50,000 residents2. Population: According to a 2014 article, Irvine was expected to become home for 430,000 citizens by 20003.

Although East Irvine population statistics aren’t easily available, they do form part of Irvine.

Demographics: Irvine and East Irvine have seen an exponential rise in its Asian population since 2016, as evidenced by a 2016 article. As reported in that article, Asians now comprise the dominant group and contribute significantly to Irvine’s cultural diversity4.

East Irvine offers an array of housing options, from single-family houses to apartments – for rent in East Irvine can even be found listed on Zillow5!. With such rapid population change comes shifting cultural values within its community. In real estate terms, East Irvine boasts single family home options that could suit your needs such as Zillow5 listing one on Zillow5.

Irvine real estate market is well-known for its master-planned communities and high-quality housing options.

Living in East Irvine gives its residents access to all the amenities and planned community features of Irvine, such as parks, schools and shopping centers. As part of a larger city known for its safety and quality of life, East Irvine residents will have easy access to these features of life. Discover More

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